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Doctor Bike in London Fields
Who we are

The London Cycling Campaign (LCC) is the world's largest urban cycling organisation. It has a local group in most of the London boroughs, with larger memberships in the inner London boroughs. Hackney has more LCC members than in any other borough - currently bubbling around 1000. (Why not join the LCC yourself?) (Hackney Cycling Campaign helped to found the London Cycling Campaign back in 1978!)

Thousands of people cycle in Hackney daily, and Hackney has the highest percentage of people cycling to work out of any London borough at 14.6% (15.4% if you don't include people work from home). TfL's London Travel Demand Survey, based on face-to-face interviews with householders, has indicated overall cycling mode shares (ie for all types of journey) of between 5% and 8% in recent years, while a 2010 survey of Hackney council staff showed that 12% of them frequently cycle to work.

The areas enclosed by the borough boundary (Hackney, Homerton, Wick, Stoke Newington, Clapton, Dalston, De Beauvoir, Hoxton, Shoreditch, etc) make up a good area in which to get around by cycle, with few hills and a high density of development.

Of course much of the group's activity is directed towards our local council, the London Borough of Hackney, and Transport for London, lobbying and advising on how to improve things for people who want to travel by cycle.

But there's plenty besides, including promoting the benefits of cycling, working to improve skills and training, helping to put on public events ranging from cyclists' breakfasts to Car-Free Day, and holding social events and fundraisers like Burns Night. Other projects we're involved in include our popular self-help maintenance workshop.

We make decisions at our monthly meetings, and we have a mailing list and Facebook page to assist with dissemination of information.

People who are active in Hackney Cycling Campaign give freely of their time. If you have energy and ideas to contribute to help make cycling in Hackney ever more popular and pleasurable, we'd like to hear from you.

London Cycling Campaign | Registered Charity No: 1115789 | Registered charitable company number 1766411 | Constitution adopted 2011
Some of the people involved...

We have a committee which is elected once a year.
The current committee was elected on 7th October 2015.

Jono Kenyon

Oliver Schick

Dave Harris

Consultation co-ordinators
Natalie Gould and Harry Fletcher-Wood

Community outreach co-ordinator
Ruth-Anna Macqueen

Fundraising co-ordinator
Rita Krishna

Rides co-ordinator
Siobhan Blackshaw

Web editors
Dave Lukes and Trevor Parsons

Workshop representative
Chas Wilshere

Many other members and supporters contribute varying amounts of time to the group's activities - for example Ross Corben, John Discombe, Colin Smith and others who help to run our workshop. There's lots more useful stuff to be done if you have some time and enthusiasm for it. If you've got anything in mind, come to a meeting and let us know or get in touch with our co-ordinator.

Our previous borough co-ordinators are still around, giving help and advice to the group. Patrick Field was borough co-ordinator until 1995. Among his many activities are writing about cycling, promoting events and training people to ride, especially as part of the London School of Cycling, which spearheaded cycle training in the borough.

Douglas Carnall was borough co-ordinator for five years up until 2000. As a medical practitioner he made many contributions on the subject of cycling and health, and initiated our annual Burns Night fund-raising ceilidh. He now lives in Nantes, Britanny.

Tim Evans held the co-ordinating post from 2000 to 2004, bringing a diligent and no-nonsense style to the conduct of business. Among his specialisms is membership data management, on which he has been working with the LCC centrally to improve local LCC groups' ability to communicate with its members.

Oliver Schick, who is currently our secretary, was our group co-ordinator until March 2006, and was absolutely tireless in the role. He helped the group become more effective and influential at a time of soaring LCC membership in Hackney and an ever-increasing workload of consultation and partnership with statutory and voluntary organisations.

Trevor Parsons, now one of our web editors, held the post of co-ordinator between 2006 and 2015. This time saw us engage with the Council more than ever before, forging very close ties, and the coming to fruition of numerous long-held strategic ambitions while cycling in Hackney increased far beyond expectations, with the borough developing its distinctive identity. Ground-breaking projects on cycle parking on which Trevor led formed a cornerstone of the transformation.

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