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Some of our current areas of interest:

One-way? No way!
All one-way systems, whether large or small, are by their nature anti-cycling. They are a desperate way of trying to manage the problems created by motor traffic -- accommodating unsustainable volumes of motors, cramming in extra car parking on streets that weren't designed for it, or trying vainly to stop 'rat-running'. In every case the needs of cycling are either ignored or treated as an afterthought.

We want all streets in Hackney to be returned to full two-way working. Workarounds such as exemptions to permit contraflow cycling can be a tolerable temporary measure, but full two-way working is better and safer. Rat-running in back streets can be dealt with by widespread use of filters (eg bollards and other cycle-permeable closures), which enable motors to reach every address but mean that they must return to the main street the same way.

Hackney Cyclists played a big role in Look Both Ways, the successful community-driven lobby to make Shoreditch two-way again. Memories of the 1960s one-way gyratory racetrack as it was until early 2002 are now passing into history, and the switch to two-way has made cycling in the Shoreditch area a whole lot more convenient and pleasant.

Together with Hackney Living Streets (the pedestrians' lobby group), we're now leading the campaign to get rid of the Stoke Newington one-way system.

We've made a good start to restoring permeability for cycling in our borough, but there's still a long way to go. Read more...

On-street cycle trainingTraining
How do you make cycling "cool and aspirational" to young people? Ask Sally Haywill and Andy Doyle, founders of the excellent STA Bikes school cycle training project, which is based at Sir Thomas Abney primary school and won the 2003 LCC awards and a 2005 National Cycling Project Award. We have backed the project 100 per cent from the start, and are very pleased to see it being replicated in schools around the borough.

STA Bikes built up the largest programme of cycle training ever seen in the borough, for both children and adults, with funding from Transport for London via Hackney Streetscene. This work was brought in-house by the council in 2010.

If you are interested in cycle training, see Cycle Training Ltd or the London School of Cycling. Anyone over the age of 11 who lives, works or studies in the borough of Hackney is entitled to two hours of free or subsidised one-to-one professional cycle training. Phone Cycle Training UK to book your session on 020 7231 6005.

Our three-times-monthly workshop is a self-help facility for people to repair and maintain their own bikes with advice from resident experts. Parts at cost, tools provided. More....

Bike Week
In Hackney, every week is Bike Week. Nevertheless every June we join in the annual nationwide celebration of cycling by promoting various events such as cyclists' breakfasts, commuter cooldowns, cycle pitstops, and the 'bike the bounds' ride.

Stalls at events
Hackney and Haringey LCC stall at Finfest 2003We try to put in an appearance at various events through the year, chatting to people about cycling and giving out info about LCC. We are always looking for members and supporters to help out with our stalls.

Theft is one of the biggest deterrents to cycling. If you haven't got somewhere safe and convenient to keep your bike at your destination or at home, you're less likely to cycle. On-street, residential, temporary... we are working and lobbying to improve the situation. More...

Mapping and knowledge base project
We are talking to contributors of OpenStreetMap about how we can use this free 'wiki' mapping resource to build a map and database of the cycling geography of Hackney, using contributed information about where you cycle and what you think about particular streets, junctions or other places of interest, as well as a survey of the 'permeability' of the cityscape, detailing physical and legal blocks which need removing so that cyclists can enjoy maximum route choice and minimum diversion.

Hackney Gazette's positive coverage of Shoreditch Car Free Day 2003

Car Free Days
We've been centrally involved in putting on six car-free days so far:

Past stuff

Project Modal Shift
Mobility assistance for our highway engineers.

Clapton Park
Keeping the rat-runners out while still allowing cycle traffic through - we're all for it.

During the summer and autumn of 2000, we ran an NHS-funded project to encourage Hackney people to get physically active by learning to ride a bike - or to get comfortable with riding again.


We make all our decisions at our monthly meeting. Find out more or read up on recent meetings.

Even if you're not a member of the London Cycling Campaign, you are welcome to attend (though non-members aren't able to vote).

These are just a few of the things we are involved in. For a fuller view, see the minutes of our meetings, or join our email discussion list.

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